Etco (Nigeria) Ltd. is a leading contractor in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering. The company was incorporated in 1963 by the late Chaim Weiss. The company's excellence stems from its highly experienced and motivated professional staff. Well-versed and well-trained in every aspect of mechanical and electrical contracting, Etco’s expert senior management team includes more than 50 engineers and supervisors from a wide range of disciplines, all of whom hold degrees from some of the world’s leading institutions.

They are supported by more than 800 employees dedicated to excellence. Backed by vast educational and practical experience, the Etco team adapts the latest international know-how to the specific needs of the local Nigerian market.

Under the constant supervision of experienced expatriate engineers and site managers, our local staff performs the most complicated installations professionally, efficiently and with high quality results every time.

It is a matter of pride that most of our local engineers, supervisors and foremen are long-term members of the Etco family, and have therefore fully absorbed Etco’s philosophy of quality and reliability – a philosophy that has become synonymous with the name “Etco” throughout its years of operation in Nigeria.